Structural Changes

As Kinetic grows its business offerings to include Distributed Learning, there will only be room for increased employment opportunities. One of the greatest fears faced by classroom instructors is job security, but at Kinetic, our instructors are already highly adaptable to change.

  • Kinetic will continue to serve the Portland/Salem/Vancouver area with classroom-based  software training. Regardless of the opportunities that E-Learning offers, many students are better served by face-to-face, instructor led training.
  • Adding synchronous online webinars as a compliment to our in-person classes will only increase opportunities for Kinetic instructors. Full-time instructional staff expected to increase from five to ten by 2015.
  • Courseware developers will be needed as Kinetic continues to grow. Currently, courseware is developed by Kinetic’s instructional staff. By 2015, we plan to employ two full-time courseware developers.
  • E-Learning opportunities will result in a significant increase in our sales and marketing staff. We currently have two full-time employees focused on sales, and that is expected to grow significantly as national accounts are targeted. Sales staff will grow to at least five members by 2015.
  • Our IT staff currently consists of one full-time IT manager and one part-time staff member. As our E-Learning program is rolled out, we plan to increase our IT staff to five full-time members by 2015.
  • A new department will be added to manage our Learning Management System. This department will have at least two full-time employees by 2015.