Project Summary

As of now, there is very little in the way of e-learning offered by Kinetic.  I was brought on partly because of my e-learning experience, and have been tasked with helping the company expand in this area. The goal has two parts.

One, as a software training company, we need to get up-to-speed on a variety of e-learning software, so that we can help our clients implement these solutions in their own environments. Since joining Kinetic in October, I have already started teaching courses on Adobe Captivate software, for example. The idea here is not to help our clients replace the software training we offer (obviously), but to help them offer digital and distributed learning options for their own internal needs. This could cover things like new-hire training , company policy updates, legal compliance, and continuing education.

Secondly, Kinetic has considered developing our own e-learning options.  As a small local firm with fewer than 20 employees, Kinetic’s reach is geographically limited. We are currently developing a long-term plan to digitize some of our classroom-based courseware. This would allow us to offer a distributed model for local customers, and also expand our geographical reach to those outside of the Portland/Salem/Vancouver metropolitan area.