A Gradual Shift

As a technology training company, it is important that we continue to grow with this industry. The opportunities that E-Learning offers us can no longer be ignored, or we will be surpassed by our competition.

At the same time, we must take the foundation Kinetic has been built upon into account as we transition. This will represent a gradual shift in our philosophy.

  • Kinetic has built its reputation on the value of its instructors. Finding ways to build value in an asynchronous learning environment will present a challenging shift in psychology.
  • Kinetic’s small size is also a weakness, as there is limited staff available to develop and grow an e-learning department.
  • In order to implement an e-learning program, fears of losing high-paying “in person” customers will have to be overcome.
  • Many Kinetic employees fear that economic conditions are not favorable for new business ventures. These fears will also need to be overcome for the program to be successful.
  • IT staff is stretched thin already with time and resources, so having a new program to support will be difficult.